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What makes Duct Magic unique

high quality

Duct Magic’s staff consists of a team of experts ready to offer excellent service to our customers. We provide high quality services using advanced techniques and high performance equipment.


Duct Magic’s well trained and prepared staff in conjunction with its best in class equipment will provide a deep cleaning that is sure to satisfy.


There’s Magic in our name – not because are technicians make money on the side as Magicians (although that would be pretty awesome), but because we provide services promptly, professionally and honestly in a time when these seem to disappear daily. PLUS, you just won’t believe how your ducts got that clean!

Fair Pricing

Duct Magic may not be the cheapest company available and we are not the most expensive. However, we work hard to price our service fairly without nickel and dimeing(is that a word?!) for this and for that. Our service is all inclusive!

About Us

Who we are and how we work
Everything you need for your cleaner, healthier air!

Duct Magic is a local company born in October 2006 and specialized in cleaning air ducts and dryer vents. To offer a high quality service we did extensive research to find the best equipment. In so doing, we discovered Rotobrush International LLC, a market leader in providing manufacturer of air duct cleaning equipment. In April 2007, we made a trip to Dallas, TX to get certified as users of the Rotobrush equipment. We know that clean air ducts is the foundation for good indoor air quality. In all homes, the air ducts gather dust and other contaminants that you can’t see, because they are microscopic and are hidden in vents that inside walls and floors. It’s here that Duct Magic starts the Magic using a camera to actually show you what your ducts look like and to assist us in cleaning. We also use a contact brush system and fogging system in the process of improving your indoor air quality while cleaning your ducts.

  • High Performance #1

    We are committed to being great.

  • Professionalism #2

    Education and Experience

  • Experts team #3

    Combined 28 years of experience

  • powerful equipment #4

    We only use the best equipment.

title="Duct Magic, Duct Cleaning, Lincoln, NE" style="display: block;position: relative;overflow: hidden; width: 200px; height: 90px; margin: 0px; padding: 0px;">Duct Magic, Duct Cleaning, Lincoln, NE

Duct Magic, Duct Cleaning, Lincoln, NE


Below is our expert team ready to assist you!
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William Jeffery

Our leader is a true entrepreneur. He has owned several businesses over the years. Currently, he has three service companies focused on the needs of home owners and property managers – Duct Magic, Carpet Care Management and Precision Rain (Lawn Sprinklers).
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Darren Osterman

General Manager
He has been with Duct Magic since it started in October 2006. He really enjoys being at his cabin. He grew up in a small town and moved to Lincoln in 1986, to go to college. He has been doing service work in Lincoln for over 20 years.
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Greg Jeffery

Air Duct Tech
Greg is a 2015 graduate of UNL and has worked with Duct Magic since the beginning in 2007 when he was still in high school. Greg loves to shoot trap, work in the garden and run mini-triathlons. With allergies to dozens of air borne contaminants, Greg can really appreciate clean ducts!
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Jeremy Franson

Air Duct Tech
Jeremy has been working with Duct Magic since 2014. He loves to fish. Yes, he is not a man of many words, but he is a terrific employee who has attention to detail and a desire to do right by our customers.

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