Simple spray and wipe sanitization won’t ensure all surfaces have been cleaned. For this reason if you need to sanitize your place, Duct Magic with an experts team will install to your home a Fog system that provides an easy use, high technology solution for cleaning room and critical area fogging.

We recommend to install a Fog System because it takes many advantages for you and your home. Infact it minimizes risk of condensation; the regular use may contribute to maintaining low particulate levels due to the suppression of airborne particles by the droplets, it does not require electrical connection and it doen’t make noise and ultrasonic vibration during use.

The location and action of the dry fogging head at the highest point of the equipment allows for rapid vapor dispersion and ensures that the most distant areas are reached effectively.

Once we have installed the Fog System, it requires just 20 minutes and the room will then be sanitized and all surface areas, walls and ceiling germ free. And the room will smell fresh!

If you want a place de-odorized or sanitized – Duct Magic should be your best choice!



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